Denver Weddings: Walk Your Best Self Down the Aisle


We’ve got wedding fever. It’s a rarity when six (yes, that’s right) members of your work fam get engaged a couple months apart from each other. You can imagine that a lot of the office talk lately has been about venues, “the” dress, and of course, wedding preparations related to skin and body. With our […]

Are You A Skinimalist?

Youve Never Seen a Beauty Store Quite Like Forever 21s Riley Rose

Trending this year more than ever in the beauty world is the shift in focus to use products that really matter – to work smarter, not harder for healthy skin. This shift causes us to take a step back and relook our skin care and makeup routines in favor of a more minimalist approach. It’s […]

How To Get: No-Hassle Brows, Beautifully Shaded Lips & More Defined Eyes.

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Getting out of bed with a fresh face (no makeup required) sounds like a pipe dream – but at Facial Aesthetics, you can “wake up” and not have to “makeup” with our permanent makeup services. What do we offer? Permanent Makeup, also know as semi-permanent makeup cosmetics, micro-pigmentation, or medical tattooing is a low maintenance […]

How to treat a breakout

10 Inspiring Images That Prove Acne Is Not Ugly

Everyone and their mother has had a pimple. The National Institute of Health estimates that nearly 80% of all people between the ages of 11 and 30 have experienced acne in their life. How is it that the majority of the population has experienced acne, yet we rarely hear people talking about their issues openly? […]

Why You Need Retinol In Your Skin Care Routine

PRISM 12 AHA 3 BHA Exfoliating Glow Serum

There are a lot of trends out there when it comes to the wellness and beauty world. Skin care is no exception. It seems like every other day someone has found a miracle elixir or ingredient that’s supposed to be utterly life changing.  Finding your holy grail product is a magnificent feeling, which is why […]

NOW BOOKING: Lash & Brow Appointments

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Great lashes and brows are just an appointment away. With masks covering most of our faces these days, we can’t neglect the area of the face that we CAN see…our eyes. We’re proud to add Lash and Brow Services to our lineup of treatments available to you at both our Denver and Greenwood Village medical […]

Navigating the Skin Care World When You’re A Total Newbie


The wild world of skin care can feel overwhelming if you are just starting out. There is so much buzz around trending ingredients, products to use, and what to avoid. You have to wonder where to even start. Remember this…when you’re in the learning phase of anything, no one expects you to know everything. This […]

Put your best (Zoom) face forward.


Since the start of the COVID pandemic, the way we work and socialize has officially changed thanks to technology. While we’d still argue that there are huge benefits of face-to-face communication, we can’t deny the power of video calls to connect us to our colleagues, family and friends. Zoom, Google Hangouts, House Party, FaceTime and […]


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At Facial Aesthetics, we’re committed to providing the latest and most advanced facial rejuvenation treatments available. One treatment that patients are constantly raving about is microneedling. If you landed here, you’re probably wanting to know if all the rave reviews are for good reason? We’re here to give you the facts on this versatile treatment that […]

“Alexa, wash my face…”

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Don’t we all wish it was that easy? We’re going back to the basics to share why it’s important to step up to the sink, every morning and night. Many people often question the importance of washing their faces. We’re here to remind you why it should never be skipped, and why using a good […]