CoolSculpting Treatment Instructions

Proper “pre” and “post” care is essential to achieving optimal results from your CoolSculpting treatment. If there are any outstanding questions after reading the information provided below, please do not hesitate to call us. We want to ensure all of your questions are thoroughly answered.

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CoolSculpting Pre-Treatment Instruction:

  • Eat a full meal prior to your appointment. Treating on an empty stomach can lead to nausea and/or light-headedness.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. You’ll be sitting in the same position for the duration of your treatment. Gel pads are used during treatment and gel often transfers to clothing. If treating inner or outer thighs, bring a change of underwear.
  • If you bruise easily you may consider reducing blood thinning medications and supplements several days before your appointment. These include but are not limited to: Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Omega-3’s (fish oil, flaxseed oil, etc.), and Vitamin E. Please consult with your physician if you have any questions.
  • If you are treating your chin, please also consider the following when preparing for your treatment:

    • Gentlemen, shaving the area prior to treatment will ensure the best suction for the applicator.
    • If you have a cough, please call our office to reschedule your appointment. The chin applicator detaches with coughing and will affect your treatment outcome.
    • You will not be able to drink, eat, talk or otherwise move during the 45 minutes of treatment

CoolSculpting Post-Treatment Instruction:

Immediately Following Treatment:

  • Swelling is normal as is redness, soreness and bruising in the treatment area. These symptoms can last for several weeks. 
  • Immediately after the procedure, your treated area may look or feel stiff and transient blanching (temporary whitening of the skin) may occur. 
  • You may feel a sense of nausea or dizziness as your body naturally warms and sensation returns to your treatment area. These are normal reactions that typically resolve within minutes.
  • The treated area may be red for up to a few hours after the applicator is removed. This is an expected but temporary effect after CoolSculpting.
  • Bruising, swelling and tenderness can occur in the treated area. This typically resolves within a week or two.
  • Nausea and tingling, stinging and cramping in the treatment area are often reported on treatment day.
  • You may feel a temporary dulling of sensation in the treated area. This is normal and typically resolves within a few hours but may last for several weeks after your procedure.
  • The typical recovery time is minimal post CoolSculpting. Most patients are able to return to their daily routine immediately after the procedure.

First few days and weeks after CoolSculpting:

  • It is common for the treated area to feel bloated and look swollen in the first few days and weeks post treatment.
  • You may experience a temporary dulling of sensation that can last for several weeks. 
  • At some point within the first two weeks following the procedure, you may experience one or more of the following sensations: deep itching, tingling, numbness, tenderness to the touch, pain in the treated area, strong cramping, diarrhea, muscle spasms, aching and/or soreness. Consult your doctor if these conditions persist beyond two weeks or worsen over time. 
  • Following the procedure, a gradual reduction in the thickness of the fat layer will take place. You may start to see changes as early as three weeks after CoolSculpting and you will experience the most dramatic results after one to three months. Your body will continue naturally to process the injured fat cells from your body for approximately four months after your procedure.
  • A small subset of patients experience delayed post-treatment pain (typically within a few days of the procedure). This side effect is unique because of it’s intensity and late presentation. We recommend taking Tylenol for pain relief.
  • Contact us immediately if any unusual side effects occur or if symptoms worsen over time.
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