Pain or Anxiety Management

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Anxious about treatment? You’re not alone. The decision to get an aesthetic service is an exciting one, but sometimes it can be overshadowed by our fear of pain or discomfort.

“Does it hurt?” is one of the most common questions we are asked during consultations, and we completely understand why. No one likes to feel uncomfortable. Lucky for you, at Facial Aesthetics, beauty is NOT pain. Below is how we set your worries aside and ensure your aesthetic experience is an enjoyable one.

The best in aesthetics

Simply by choosing Facial Aesthetics, you’re choosing experience. Whether you’re meeting with our aesthetic injectors, certified aestheticians, or body sculpting specialists we only hire the best of the best for our patients in the areas of talent, care, and integrity.

What’s more…all our providers have the leadership and guidance of our founder: Pamela Hill-Grossman, RN, CANS and Medical Director: John A. Grossman, MD – both nationally and internationally recognized in the aesthetics industry. It’s important to both Pamela and Dr. Grossman that when you choose Facial Aesthetics, you choose us with confidence.

Setting proper expectations

Everyone tolerates treatments differently, which is why setting proper expectations is so important to your comfort during treatment. While most of our treatments are very well tolerated (based on majority from patient feedback), only YOU know what’s comfortable to you. We know that the thought of lasers and injections don’t always make people relax, which is why it’s important for us to share what they feel like, discuss pre, during and post procedures, and review our solutions to take the edge of pain or anxiety using these helpful tools and technologies…

Now Offering: Pro-Nox

PRO-NOX (aka laughing gas): breathe your worries away with Pro-Nox, a safe and affective analgesia (not anesthesia!). Made of 50% nitrous oxide, and 50% oxygen it is inhaled through a handheld tube to calm your nerves and keep you comfortable during treatment. This safe and effective analgesic takes effect quickly (and is cleared from the body quickly) and the best part is it is self-administered so you take what you need, when you need it. Your comfort… in your hands!


  • Topical Numbing Cream: desensitizes the skin to pain when applied over the treatment area. Numbing cream is using often for skin care and injectable treatments and is applied approx. 30 minutes prior to treatment.
  • Stress Balls: relieves the physical symptoms of stress/anxiety(i.e. tension and stiffness) during treatment.
  • Ice: decreases inflammation and numbs pain in the treated area
  • Vibration T-Bar: mimics effects of a massage to instantly relax your face and give you a few moments of solace⁠, often used with injections
  • Zimmer: cooling method to reduce pain and protect the skin during laser treatments⁠
  • Products with Lidocaine: many of our filler products are made with lidocaine, a numbing agent, for increased comfort at time of injection.⁠ Lidocaine is metabolized by the body quickly post treatment. The amount of lidocaine in filler is so small that you can expect your sensation back about an hour post injection. Don’t worry, while the result of the lidocaine will wear off, the filler result will not. You can expect to enjoy your filler results for about 6-18 months (results vary by patient).

Don’t let fear be the reason you’ve been putting off your aesthetic goals. Schedule that treatment you’ve been wanting without worry or hesitation, today. A consultation is the first place to start to learn more and ask questions!

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