Microblading & Ombre Brows

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Microblading | Fuller, Sculpted, Hassle Free Eye Brows

Achieve sharper, fuller looking eyebrows without the daily hassle of pencils and makeup with semi-permanent Microblading. A bespoke approach, creating the ideal shape for every individual leaves you with stunning, natural looking eyebrows.

Microblading uses precision needles that lightly scratch the skin’s surface applying ultrafine levels of colour matched pigment that mimics your natural eyebrows. The result? Featherweight, realistic, perfect eyebrows that last around 18 months.

Facial Aesthetics Inc have a team of semi permanent make up experts on hand, trained to the highest level, to help you get those perfect brows you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to arrange your free Microblading consultation.

Ombre Brows | Soft, ‘Powder Look’ Eye Brows

Looking for hassle free eye brows with a softer, powder look? Ombre could be for you, mixing dramatic and feathered strokes to mimic the filled in, ‘makeup’ look.

Taking the semi-permanent makeup world by storm, Ombre is one of our most popular treatments thanks to the dramatic results and flawless, full volume brows it creates; our clients love Ombre!

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Facial Aesthetics Inc | Industry Leading Microblading & Ombre Specialists

Facial Aesthetics Inc has years of experience delivering all types of aesthetic treatments and semi-permanent makeup, often being recognised as one of the leading clinics in the USA.

Our team of professionally trained, certified aesthetic nurse specialists (CANS) and physician assistants have years of experience, specialising in semi-permanent makeup, microblading and ombre, helping countless clients achieve perfect brows, every year.

With over 25 years experience, with thousands of happy clients and 5* reviews, we’re committed to delivering treatment with passion and care, helping you get results effectively and safely, from our Denver, Golden, Superior and Greenwood Village clinics.

Microblading & Ombre | Frequently Asked Questions

Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment, similar to tattooing which creates sculptured, natural looking eyebrows. Treatment involves a needled pen, which, unlike tattooing, scratches the skin rather than fully penetrating, to leave a colour matched pigment that mimics natural hair.

Ombre uses a machine to create semi-permanent pigmentation that naturally replicates eyebrows with full make up. The procedure is similar to Microblading, but is often considered less invasive.

Although Microblading and Ombre does create some discomfort, most clients experience only mild pressure and much less pain than traditional tattoos, as the instruments used don’t fully pierce the skin.

Facial Aesthetics Inc uses numbing cream in all semi-permanent eyebrow treatments to further reduce discomfort.

Our Microblading & Ombre Clinics

Microblading & Ombre Clinic | Denver

Our Denver clinic has a team of certified aesthetic nurse specialists (CANS) and physician assistants, professionally trained to deliver semi-permanent makeup treatments like Microblading and Ombre, with a commitment to safe, healthy and natural looking results.

Contact our Denver Clinic today for your initial consultation.

Microblading & Ombre Clinic | Greenwood Village

Located in the Landmark Medical Plaza, our Greenwood Village clinic provides industry leading Microblading and Ombre treatments, with a professional team of CANS and physician assistants on hand, dedicated to client care, with safe and effective treatments.

We offer a free, initial consultation at our Greenwood Village Clinic, designed to help you find the perfect level of treatment for your needs. Contact us today to arrange yours.

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