Women’s Volbella® Lip Fillers

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Volbella By Juvederm | Subtle, Natural Looking Lip Enhancement & Treatment of Fine Lines

Looking for enhanced lips without the usual unnatural and extreme results? Look no further! Volbella is the latest FDA approved dermal filler from Juvederm designed with natural looking results in mind, using smaller hyaluronic particles to treat fine wrinkles and plump up the lips proportionately.

Volbella uses Vycross technology, a cross-linked dermal filler gel, which mixes high and low weight molecules for a smoother lip appearance with minimal swelling and in built anesthetic. This means your treatment is relatively pain free with no side effects or down time.

Facial Aesthetics Inc are experts in all Juvederm treatments, including Volbella, with a team of professionally trained CANS and Physician Assistants on hand that are committed to helping you achieve fuller and more natural looking lips. Thanks to our commitment to safe and effective treatment, we have been recognized by Allergan, the makers of Volbella & Juvederm, as one of the leading clinics in the USA.

If you would like a free consultation, prior to your Volbella treatment, contact our clinics in Denver, Golden, Superior or Greenwood Village today.

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Volbella | A Natural Approach To Lip Filler

In the past lip fillers produced unnatural, overly volumized results; which is where Volbella comes in. Juvederm have developed Volbella to provide a treatment suitable for those who want to enhance lips, but maintain a natural feel.

The results are outstanding! An FDA approved filler that is recognized as the first to address perioral lines (smokers lines), with a smooth finish that’s long lasting; up to 24 months.

Facial Aesthetics Inc | Industry Leading Juvederm Volbella Clinics

Facial Aesthetics Inc is often recognized as one of the industry leaders in dermal fillers including Juvederm and Volbella.  Allergan, the makers of Volbella, also recognizes Facial Aesthetics as being in the top 1% of injectors in the USA (Botox injections).

We have a team of professionally trained, certified aesthetic nurse specialists (CANS) and physician assistants delivering Volbella treatments for hundreds of clients throughout Denver, Golden, Superior and Greenwood Village every year. Our team is committed to client care and finding the right level of treatment for you.

With over 25 years experience, thousands of happy clients and 5 star reviews, we deliver filler treatments with expertise, passion and care. If you’re considering Volbella, or any other type of dermal lip treatment, speak to our team for a free consultation.

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Women’s Volbella Injections | Frequently Asked Questions

Volbella is an FDA approved hyaluronic dermal filler designed specifically for lip enhancement and reduction of fine lines with a natural, smooth appearance.

Volbella uses small molecule structured hyaluronic acid, injected directly into the lip area to replenish acids which naturally occur in the body that are lost over time; reducing the signs of ageing.

As a dermal gel, Volbella contains anaesthetic, which reduces pain and makes treatment side effects minimal.

Volbella is suitable for most clients, with minimal downtime and less side effects than traditional dermal fillers. It has been designed for those looking to enhance lips naturally, without extreme results.

Suitability can vary depending upon an individual client’s needs. As one of the country’s leading, Facial Aesthetics Inc are committed to delivering professional treatments effectively and safely, which is why we offer all clients an initial consultation prior to treatment.

Volbella is FDA approved and safe, with little discomfort to clients. In most cases, those undertaking treatment can resume their normal activities on the same day.

If you’re interested in Volbella treatment but unsure whether it’s suitable for you, please contact our team today.

Our Women’s Volbella Clinics

Volbella Clinic | Denver

Our Denver clinic has a team of certified aesthetic nurse specialists (CANS) and physician assistants, professionally trained to deliver lip enhancing treatments like Volbella with a commitment to safe, healthy and natural looking results.

We’re recognised as being in the top 1% of Botox injectors in the USA, expertise that we bring to all of our dermal filler treatments, including Juvederm and Volbella.

Contact our Denver Clinic today for your initial Volbella consultation.

Volbella Clinic | Greenwood Village

Located in the Landmark Medical Plaza, our Greenwood Village clinic provides industry leading filler treatments, including Volbella, with a professional team of CANS and physician assistants on hand, dedicated to client care, with safe and effective treatments.

We offer a free, initial consultation at our Greenwood Village Clinic, designed to help you find the perfect level of treatment for your needs. Contact us today to arrange yours.