Proper “pre” and “post” care is essential to achieving optimal results from your Botox treatment. If there are any outstanding questions after reading the information provided below, please do not hesitate to call us. We want to ensure all of your questions are thoroughly answered.

Pre-Treatment Instruction:

  • To minimize bruising avoid the following ~7 days prior to treatment: baby aspirin, Aleve, Motrin, multivitamins, vitamin E and D, fish oils, alcoholic beverages. These are blood thinners and will cause you to bruise more easily. Note: DO NOT discontinue baby aspirin or any blood thinners prescribed by a physician before checking with THAT PHYSICIAN.
  • Do not use BOTOX® Cosmetic/Dysport/Jeuveau if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, are allergic to any of its ingredients, or suffer from certain neurological disorders. Please inform your clinician if you have any questions about this prior to the procedure.
  • Sunburnt skin can sometimes be painful when treated. If you are sunburnt prior to treatment, call our office so we can notify your injector. Together, we’ll determine if your appointment needs to be rescheduled. A good reminder to apply SPF everyday.
  • It’s important not to have a bacterial or fungal infection, or an abrasion in the desired treatment area as it can spread after injection.
  • If you are having an injection done to your lips, and are prone to cold sores, contact your clinician for advice on an anti-viral therapy.
  • Always inform your clinician of all medications you may be taking, as well as any changes in your medical history.

Post-Treatment Instruction:

    • It may take up to two weeks for you to experience the full effect of your treatment. It takes time for the muscles to lose strength and the lines to fade. Remain patient. 
    • Our injectors are experts but bruises are still possible with BOTOX® Cosmetic/Dysport/Jeuveau treatment. Applying ice and taking Arnica for 4-8 days post treatment will help bruising to heal.
    • Bumps at the site of injection are normal. This is because the BOTOX® Cosmetic/Dysport/Jeuveau is laying under the skin waiting to be absorbed by the muscle. These bumps go away within 30-45 minutes post-treatment.



      • Move the facial muscles that were treated every 15 minutes for the next 4 hours
      • Be aware the onset will begin in 2-3 days and the full effect will take place in 10-14 days


    • No bending lifting, lying down for 4 hours
    • No exercise for 24 hours
    • Do not touch your face or the areas where the BOTOX® Cosmetic/Dysport/Jeuveau was injected for 4 hours
    • If you want to reapply makeup, we recommend our makeup artist do it for you post treatment – all makeup applications are complimentary.
    • No face down massage or facials for 24 hours