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Frequently Asked Questions


To fully determine your candidacy for Botox, schedule a consultation with one of our expert aesthetic injectors. At the initial consultation, we will discuss your needs and overall goals. Prior to consultation, please be aware that if you are pregnant or nursing, you are NOT a candidate to receive treatment. Please wait until after pregnancy and once fully through with nursing to receive treatment. You will also want to inform us of anything else that may hinder your cosmetic results, including:

  • any medications you are taking, including vitamins and supplements
  • any known allergies
  • if you have an infection in the proposed area
  • have some muscle/skeletal disorders (for your safety, please disclose all medical conditions to your clinician prior to treatment)
  • are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • have double vision

The cost of Botox can vary as it depends on the number of units you receive at treatment. Whether your needs are a sprinkling or more full coverage, the price is ultimately determined by what you’re trying to achieve. Beware if you see prices that seem too good to be true, chances are good they are. If you simply go for the cheapest option available, the probability of a subpar treatment, unpredictable results, and potentially an inexperienced injector are high. Instead of opting for the cheapest Botox treatment available, opt for experience and the right fit. Being able to trust your injector is so important. After all, this is your face we’re talking about.

Botox is derived from Botulinum toxin A. But, just because Botox is a toxin, doesn’t mean it is toxic. Botox is made from a purified form of Botulinum toxin A. It is also diluted with a saline solution before it is injected. That means that Botox is administered in concentrations far below harmful levels. Botox is one of  the most extensively studied non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments today. There have been over 8 million procedures performed among Americans in the last year alone. That said, any medical treatment can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Remember it’s the skill, talent and experience of the injector you’re buying, not the product. Do your homework put yourself in a safe and certified environment to receive treatment.

It’s important not to allow Botox to wear off completely, because the muscles will start contracting again causing progression of the line or wrinkle. Because Botox is a temporary procedure the results will most likely last 2.5-3.5 months. It is important for you to keep up your appointment schedule to maintain your results. For this reason, we highly recommend you schedule your next appointment before you leave.

Skin Care

Skin care has a special place in our hearts. After all, it’s what gave us our start 30 years ago. We serve skin care advice to our patients of Denver, Greenwood Village, Cherry Creek, Golden and surrounding areas with the intention of achieving healthy skin for all. Did you know that the skin is your body’s biggest organ? Taking care of it is so important. So. take the first step in caring for your skin: easily schedule an appointment with one of our aestheticians using the BOOK NOW link at the top right of the page, or fill. out the contact form to request a call from one of our Patient Care Coordinators.

Let’s find out! Use the form on this page to request a consultation with one of our expert aestheticians in Denver or Greenwood Village.  At your consultation you’ll enjoy a Visia Skin Analysis. You’ll learn all about the current health of your skin and see if your skin age matches your real age. Better or worse? We know you’ll love learning about your skin. Bring in your products so you can not only understand what treatments might be best for your skin type, but also what skin care products will work best for you. All consultations are complimentary.

We love this question. But let us clarify…it’s not about “what is the best skin care treatment out there”, but rather “what is the best skin care treatment for YOU”? Finding the treatment plan that works best for YOUR SKIN is our specialty. Whether it’s maintenance with the HydraFacial treatment, or going after specific concerns with a SkinPen, BBL, or HALO Laser treatment, it all depends on your goals.

We’ve been the longest standing medical spa in Colorado for a reason. We can confidently say that we know Denver skin. We know any skin, really, but there’s no question we’re skin experts in the Mile High City. We know our altitude means extra dry, cracked skin; and if you just moved here, you might be combating skin changes and wondering how to treat your skin in this climate. Come on in. Bring your products. Meet with one of certified aestheticians who have been helping the women and men in Denver and surrounding areas combat their concerns.


How exciting! You’re thinking about dermal filler. We’ll want to ensure that you’re being treated with the correct filler, and the only way to do that is to visit us for a one-on-one consultation. Our aesthetic injectors have the experience and skill to make a thorough assessment of your facial anatomy and recommend products that will provide the best outcomes. No single option is right for everyone, which is why we’re equipped with a robust line-up of filler products to choose from. All consultations are complimentary.

Lip fillers are dermal fillers, but are specific for use in the lips and around the lip area. They are administered via injection with a thin needle. As for what lip filler is made of, all products used at Facial Aesthetics are hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. As you research more and more about fillers, this is important for you to know because in case of emergency or displeasure with the result, this type of filler can be melted away with Hylenex. Fillers made from HA mimic the HA found naturally in your skin, connective tissue and cartilage. Lip fillers can: correct down-turned lips (turn that frown upside down), outline the vermillion border for a little more pout, accentuate the shape of Cupid’s bow, add volume to lips or correct asymmetries.

We’ve been the longest standing medical spa in Colorado for a reason. While you’re buying the product, don’t forget that it’s even more important to buy the experience of the injector. Dermal fillers are a safe product that are made of hyaluronic acid which when injected mimic that of the natural hyaluronic acid made in the body. They are an excellent option for non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation of the face, and their use is being adopted by millions of Americans every year. An injector’s qualifications often determine the safety of the treatment. Dermal fillers need to be performed with precision and skill. We’re proud to offer the expertise of our nationally ranked practice when it comes to performing dermal filler treatments.


KYBELLA is an injectable synthetic acid that mimics a type of acid naturally occurring in your body. It’s called deoxycholic acid, and it breaks down and destroys excess fat cells in the area under your chin. You may have heard this fat referred to as “submental fullness” or a double chin.

In our bodies, deoxycholic acid is contained in bile. The acid destroys the cell membranes of the dietary fat we eat, which makes the fat soluble (a.k.a. it can be dissolved). Cool, but how does it affect the chin fat? We’ll tell you…

When KYBELLA’s synthetic form of deoxycholic acid is injected into fat beneath the skin, it destroys the cell membrane just like the natural version does in the digestive tract. Gradually the destroyed fat cells are processed out of your body as waste.

First is a complimentary consultation. You’ll meet one of our expert aesthetic nurse injectors and they will complete a full assessment to ensure Kybella is the right treatment option for you.

Proceeding with treatment, a series of injections are made in strategic locations under the chin. Our aesthetic injectors will determine how many injections need to be made to treat the entire area. There are typically between 20-30 injections (some may require more). While many do not numb, it is an option should you choose to minimize the feeling of the injections. The injections feel like mild pinches, which many are able to tolerate quite well without numbing. Most patients also experience a slight warming sensation in the moments the drug is dispersed and begins working.

Just about every KYBELLA patient requires between two to six of these injection sessions, spaced six weeks apart. One treatment session is rarely sufficient to get the results desired.

Your chin area may feel sore for a couple hours after your appointment, but any discomfort will dissipate quickly. Swelling is also to be expected. Swelling is most pronounced about 24 hours later, it will begin to subside over the next 5-7 days. The more fat there is, the more swelling there will be as the Kybella digests the fat.

KYBELLA doesn’t work instantaneously. It’s a process. Your body eliminates the destroyed fat cells over time. But after your last injection session is complete, your final results will take shape in the coming weeks.

The great thing about KYBELLA is that the fat cells that are destroyed and eliminated are destroyed and eliminated for good. Your body does not grow new fat cells, but it is possible for the remaining fat cells under your chin to enlarge with weight gain. Having said that, studies show the majority of patients are still happy with their results years later.

Like all injectables and other cosmetic treatments, KYBELLA does come with a slight risk of certain side effects. Possibilities including swelling, bruising, numbness, redness and hardening of the treatment area. Our aesthetic injectors will discuss these risks with you and make sure you are fully informed. Most of these things – if they do occur – resolve themselves in a couple days.

Read thorough “pre” and “post” instructions made just for you by our double chin destroyers.

In most cases, clients see results between 1-3 months, with repeat treatment usually required after one month.

Maximum effects are usually seen after six months.