Lip Shading for Fuller Looking, Stunning Lips

Semi-Permanent Lip Shading

Young woman undergoing procedure of permanent lip makeup

Semi-Permanent Lip Shading | Add Volume To Your Lips Without The Hassle Of Makeup

Fuller looking lips, with more volume, without the need for constant makeup, that’s what semi-permanent lip shading can do for you. Sounds too good to be true right? Well we’re here to tell you it’s not! Our clients love lip shading, also known as Ombre and Lip Blush, which creates stunning, voluptuous lips with results lasting up to 18 months and you will too.

Facial Aesthetics Inc have a team of specialist, semi-permanent make up experts on hand, trained to the highest level to create and deliver your dream treatment, including Ombre, Microblading and Lip Blush. We’ve helped thousands of clients get the results they want, leaving them with amazing, full volume lips, without the need for regular makeup.

Young woman undergoing procedure of permanent lip makeup

Facial Aesthetics Inc | Semi-Permanent Makeup Specialists

With over 30 years of experience in all types of aesthetic treatments, including semi-permanent makeup; and frequently recognized as one of the leading clinics in the USA, Facial Aesthetics has the tools and knowledge to deliver your treatment safely and effectively.

Our permanent makeup artists have helped countless clients enhance their lips with semi-permanent lip blush and Ombre, as well as other treatments such as Microblading. We’re dedicated to effective treatment, delivered safely, which is why our clinics have hundreds of 5-star reviews and thousands of happy clients.

If you’re thinking about semi-permanent lip shading, we offer a free, initial consultation prior to treatment. Contact our Denver, Greenwood Village, Superior or Golden Clinic to arrange yours.

Semi-Permanent Lip Shading | Frequently Asked Questions

Also known as Ombre or Lip Blush, semi-permanent lip shading is a relatively pain free pigmentation treatment that creates more plump, voluminous lips, similar to makeup that’s ‘always on’, with results lasts 6-12 months.

Whilst some clients do feel some mild discomfort, the pain is much less than traditional tattooing, as the instruments used don’t penetrate the skin.

Facial Aesthetics Inc uses numbing cream in all semi-permanent lip shading treatments to further reduce discomfort. If you’re concerned about treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact our Greenwood Village clinic today.

Our Semi-Permanent Makeup Clinics

Semi-Permanent Ombre Lip Shading Clinic | Denver

Our Denver clinic has over 25 years experience, with a professionally trained team of CANS and physician assistants on hand to deliver your semi-permanent eyeliner treatment safely and effectively, We pride ourselves on client satisfaction, offering a free consultation prior to any treatment.

Contact our Denver clinic today to arrange yours.

Our Denver Clinic has a team of CANS and physician assistants, trained to the highest possible level, with 25 years of experience, on hand to deliver your semi-permanent treatment. We pride ourselves on our 5* reviews and client satisfaction, with a commitment to safe and effective treatment.

If you would like a free, initial consultation, contact our Denver Clinic today.

Semi-Permanent Ombre Lip Shading Clinic | Greenwood Village

Located in the Landmark Medical Plaza, our Greenwood Village clinic delivers semi-permanent treatments, including Ombre Lip Shading and Lip Blush with a dedication to achieving your goals. Our Greenwood Village team, as you’d expect from Facial Aesthetics, are trained to the highest level, offering industry leading treatment.

Speak to our team today to arrange your free, initial Lip Shading consultation, prior to treatment.

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