Jeuveau vs Botox: How to choose the right treatment

The name Botox has become synonymous with non-surgical injectable treatments. For a number of years, Botox has been the only injectable treatment available for fine lines and facial wrinkles and an alternative to plastic surgery. Many people still automatically think of Botox when looking to get rid of crow’s feet and frown lines but the options available are now much more varied. 

Now, Dysport, Jeuveau and Xeomin also provide injectable treatments that can help to remove wrinkles and provide you with a number of different options. All these products share the same qualities and work in the same way but they have a few key differences that it’s important to be aware of to make sure you choose the right treatment for your skin. 

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the differences between Botox and Jeuveau, a newer injectable to the market. 

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What is Jeuveau (NewTox)?

Jeuveau is a neurotoxin like Botox and is commonly injected between your eyebrows or the corners of your eyes to prevent the natural muscle contractions that occur under your skin and cause wrinkles to form. 

Jeuveau is a 900 kDa purified botulinum toxin formula type A and is produced using the strictest quality standards in facilities in which only this specific drug is manufactured. The safety of the drug has been evaluated in a clinical study involving over 2,000 patients. As a result, Jeuveau has been approved by the FDA. 

It’s also great for preventing new lines from forming and smooth out old lines or wrinkles which can become deeper over time. 

One of the biggest differences between Botox and Jeuveau is that it has created Hi-Pure technology which helps Jeuveau work efficiently by interrupting the communication between the nerve endings and the targeted muscle.

What is Botox?

Botox is the original injectable treatment and has been FDA approved since 2002. These injections can reduce and enhance the appearance of wrinkles. It has been proven to work with several studies and a huge number of success stories. 

Just like Jeuveau, Botox works by paralyzing or weakening the muscles in the injected area. It can last for around 3-12 months as it’s effectiveness depends on a number of factors, including the frequency of treatment. 

In addition to cosmetic procedures, Botox can also be used to treat a number of conditions, including: 

  • Neck spasms 
  • Overactive bladder 
  • Excessive sweating 
  • Lazy eye

What are the similarities between Botox and Jeuveau?

Both injectables work very similarly but they’re made by different manufacturers and produced in different countries. Botox became the leading brand for injectables and the name is now associated with the treatment. 

Botox is made by Allergen and is manufactured in Ireland. Jeuveau is made by Evolus and produced in South Korea. Jeuveau also uses a slightly different form of botulinum toxin than Botox. 

Botox contains onabotulinum toxin A and Jeuveaus uses prabotulinum toxin A. Clinical trials show that both have similar safety profiles and are equally effective for treating dynamic wrinkles. 


People who have tried both Botox and Jeuveau have not seen many differences between the two. This is because both products are injectables with the same applications. The treatment duration for the products is within 15-30 minutes which means you could have the treatment on your lunch break. 


Both treatments have common but manageable side effects in terms of safety. They have both been extensively tested and researched before being introduced to the market to rule out any harmful effects. 

Whilst both treatments are considered to be completely safe, it’s important to check how suitable they are for your body. Some people can be allergic or immune to the ingredients in neuromodulators. Always speak to your aesthetic injector who will do a health check to determine whether the treatment is right for you. 


Originally, Botox was developed as a medication to treat eyelid muscle disorders but has since been approved for both therapeutic and cosmetic uses such as frown lines, brow furrows (frown lines between the eyebrows), crow’s feet, excessive underarm sweating and migraines. 

Jeuveau injections were specifically developed for cosmetic uses. It’s currently FDA approved only for treating glabellar lines (frown lines). 


Both last for around three to four months for treating expression lines and results take a couple of days to settle in.

What are the differences between Botox and Jeuveau?

Jeuveau is the same as Botox but it does not have the same established track record. The decision on the treatment you have is up to you and the experience your aesthetic injector has with a particular brand. 


Botox usually costs between $10 and $20 per unit, depending on the clinic you visit and your location. It’s expected that Jeuveau will cost 20-30% less or around $8-$16 per unit. This may not be a huge difference but if you’re having 20 units of Botox, this can add up. Most people require around 20 units of Botox so switching to Jeuveau could save up to $40-$80 dollars for each treatment. 


Botox and Jeuveau have the same active ingredients but their formulation is different. Jeuveau includes technology that helps to remove dangerous proteins and aids with absorption of the product and makes the product potentially safer. However, the safety of the product is usually down to the person administering the treatment. The type of treatment you choose is more down to personal preference than any key differences between the two products. 

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