Botox for jaw slimming: what you need to know, and what you should expect

A slimmer jaw is something we all wish we had. We’d love to skip the contouring part in our makeup routine and not have to spend hours at the gym trying to lose weight and slim our faces. Maybe that is why you are here – you want a slimmer jaw. Many people are aware of the cosmetic benefits Botox has on fine lines and wrinkles, but did you know that Botox is also great for slimming the jaw line too? No? Then keep reading!

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A brief on Botox

Botox is made from Botulinum toxin. However, the word Toxin doesn’t necessarily mean that Botox is toxic. The doses required for cosmetic use are small and make sure there are only benefits of using Botox. It works by temporarily paralyzing the muscle it is injected into. This relaxes the muscle as it is not able to contract. The reduction of fine lines and wrinkles is caused by this relaxation of the muscles. For more in depth information on what Botox is take a look at our blog on “how does Botox work?”. 

Using Botox for jaw reduction

Although Botox is widely known for reducing the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, it can also be used for jawline slimming. The way this works is by targeting the masseter muscles which are at the back of the jaw. This procedure is also referred to as masseter reduction. These jaw muscles are what can give the face a squared shape. When the Botox is injected into these muscles this reduces their activity. This can result in a sharper facial contour without the use of makeup.

The procedure

How many units of botox for jaw reductions varies from person to person. However the typical amount is usually around 25 units of Botox for a single treatment. The procedure for jaw Botox is relatively simple and quick. Your aesthetic injector will first perform a visual assessment of the area that needs to be treated in order to slim your jaw. This can obviously vary depending on the patient. The masseter muscles will always be targeted but the positioning of the injections may be different depending on the face shape. After they have completed their visual assessment they will then examine the jaw by touch – palpate – and manually isolate the muscles. The last step is the injections. They will perform two to three injections into each side of the jaw depending on the face shape and the desired result. This should not take very long at all and the pain should be minimal, however people who do have a low pain tolerance can use a numbing cream beforehand. 

Recovery time

The Botox jaw reduction procedure is pretty quick and also has a low recovery time. Patients are typically in and out with this procedure. They can continue their day as normal but we advise them to avoid touching or rubbing the injected area, leaning down, taking pain killers, drinking alcohol, lying down, and exercising on the day of their injections. 

How long does Botox jaw reduction last?

The results of jaw Botox aren’t instantaneous – it can take two to five days (depending on the patient) to start to see the results. After a few weeks you will then begin to see the full slim jaw. This result can last for around three to four months, so will need to be topped up regularly if you wish to maintain the slimmer facial shape. 

The side effects of Botox

Jaw slimming Botox is known as a low-risk procedure. This means that the side effects are very minimal and most patients only experience slight bruising and/or discomfort. However, there are other side effects which can occur in some people.

  • Redness of the area
  • Headaches
  • Muscle weakness and/or stiffness around the area
  • A dry mouth
  • Harder to speak or swallow
  • Temporary smile distortion
  • Temporary weakness when chewing

These side effects are rare, but can happen so it’s good to be aware of them. Alongside these side effects, there are even more rare but serious ones too.

  • Facial swelling
  • Severe pain
  • Fever
  • Any sign of an allergic reaction such as hives

If any of the above side effects occur these needs to be reported to a Dr. immediately. However, the above four side effects are extremely rare.

Botox or Dysport for jaw slimming?

Both procedures for Botox and Dysport are pretty much identical. They both do a great job at slimming the face by relaxing the masseter muscles around the jaw. The recovery time is pretty much the same – depending on the patient – and the results are equally as good. The choice of Botox or Dysport simply comes down to a personal preference of the patient. 


Botox has many benefits including slimming of the jaw line. On top of this, Botox injected into the jaw can also help with jaw pain and teeth grinding, so can be a good health benefit as well as cosmetic. The procedure is relatively quick and easy, with a small recovery time. However, it is worth thinking about and talking to a professional before you make up your mind. If you have any further questions on this type of procedure and would like to speak to our professionals, contact us today and we will be happy to assist!

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