Can You Workout After Botox?

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Let’s discuss why we give exercising after a Botox treatment a no-go for 24 hours. We know staying away from the gym can be hard for some people, but everyone deserves a rest day, so think of that as your Botox treatment day.

Following our Botox post-treatment advice is important to achieving optimal results from your treatment – but it’s also important to know why we recommend these things.

Here are a few reasons why exercising after Botox is not recommended:

We don’t want any pressure on the injection site – whether you’re wiping the sweat off your brow or using workout gear that goes over your injection sites, we want you to stay away from touching your face and putting pressure on the treated areas, so the Botox settles properly. In fact, we don’t want you to touch your face for 4 hours after treatment, but that doesn’t mean you’re free to exercise then, it pretty much means you can wash your face at night (if that time from treatment to bed is 4+ hours).

Working out gets the blood pumping – When you work out, you exert yourself. Your heart is pumping and if you’re into strenuous workouts then this is taken to a whole new level. Because exercise increases blood flow through the muscles, it can potentially metabolize or diffuse the Botox, reducing the results. Great for your cardiovascular system, but not so great for your Botox – so that’s why we ask you to wait a day. We want those injection sites to start healing immediately too, but if we increase our blood pressure, it may prolong the healing process.

We want you to get max results – limiting movement is important – which is again why exercising after Botox is not helpful to its settling process. Yoga and Pilates, especially, can have you holding inversions, and that may interfere with the way Botox settles into the muscle. Avoiding many changes in head position is important and while so easily done in a nice and easy off day, it’s much harder to do during a workout.

Always follow your aesthetic injectors recommendations. 24-hours is the ideal amount of time to wait to exercise after a Botox treatment.


You don’t have to give up your workouts completely. How you wonder?

Did you know that facial exercises are OK after a Botox treatment? While we do NOT want you to touch your face, we DO want you to move the facial muscles that were treated every 15 minutes for the following 4 hours after treatment. So, smile, frown, raise your eyebrows away. No touching, just lots of expressing! It may look and feel a little silly, but it actually helps the Botox work better.

Be aware the onset of Botox will begin 2-3 days after treatment and the full effect will take place on day 10-14.

While we have your attention…. here are our other DON’Ts that we recommend after Botox:

  • No bending lifting, lying down for 4 hours
  • Do not touch your face or the areas where the BOTOX® Cosmetic was injected for 4 hours
  • If you want to reapply makeup, we recommend our makeup artist do it for you post treatment – all makeup applications are complimentary
  • No exercise for 24 hours
  • No face down massage or facials for 24 hours
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