The Magic Art of Filler: 4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Denver Injector

Here it is in its simplest form: injecting dermal filler is an art, and your artist matters. 

The magic art of filler is less about the dermal filler product itself and all about the hand that injects it. Filler is a treatment that requires strategic placement and an injector who understands the anatomy, the various filler products, and proper facial proportion.

Experience matters when it comes to injecting dermal filler. 

You should not overlook the education, training, and credentials of your injector. 

Why? Because their knowledge and frequency with which they inject makes them a better injector. It’s for your safety that they can address any concerns or issues should one arise. The more practice your injector has injecting filler, the better their eye becomes trained to understand beauty and placement. 

Being confident you are in the best hands will make the entire experience more enjoyable.

In summary, the Denver med spa you choose to get your filler is important to reaching your goals. 

Best Denver Med Spa For Filler

So how do you decide where to go? 

Schedule the consultation. Ask the right questions. Treat it like an interview to find the best fit. You want to make sure you can trust this person because it’s your face we’re talking about. Not all, but many scary filler stories you hear come from inexperience. There are injuries associated with filler when done improperly, without a license, without any training, or when it’s not done in a safe space. We’re here to help you avoid making a decision you might regret later on. We want you to choose the right injector the first time.


So you’re equipped to ask the right questions at consultation, read these 4 tips below so you can feel like you’re choosing your Denver injector with confidence:

  1. SAFE SPACE? Where are you going? Will you be injected in a safe space? A medical spa or physician’s office is the safest place to be injected. Please think twice about receiving treatment anywhere else.
    • At Facial Aesthetics, our injectors are often asked to help fix a treatment performed by an injector outside of our clinic, and we’re grateful to have the ability to resolve the issue. This isn’t available at every medical spa, which is something you should note. Can your injector help resolve any issues you may experience? 
  2. WHO IS INJECTING YOU? Ask for their name and their education. Do they participate in ongoing and continuous education and training? It’s one thing to learn about it and another to practice it. What’s the frequency that they inject patients?
    • Our nurse injectors put their knowledge to work all day, every day. They don’t perform any other aesthetic service than injectables. With more frequency comes more experience, and different talents and techniques are utilized to get you to your beautiful result.
  3. CERTIFICATION. Check your injector’s credentials. You need to be confident you’re putting yourself in the best hands.
    • We are so proud to offer our patients the talents of our Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists and Physicians Assistants. Do you know what the acronym CANS means? CANS stands for Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist. This is the highest certification a nurse can have in the aesthetic space (think board certification in aesthetic nursing). This certification is recognized by the Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board and the Aesthetic Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 
  4. PRODUCTS: There are certain filler products made specifically for certain parts of the face. Lip fillers are lighter and more pliable, whereas cheek fillers are thicker to sculpt and contour. Does your injector offer a wide variety of products to choose from? An expert will choose the best product and have various options to choose from to help you reach your goals. And, where does the product come from? Is it being sourced legitimately? Meaning is the dermal filler comes directly from the manufacturer (i.e. Allergan or Galderma), OR is it coming from an Amazon vendor or Auto Zone (yes, the auto company). Yikes!
    • Our medical spa of 30 years works ONLY with the best filler products directly from the manufacturer. This leaves no room for error or question on what’s in that syringe. If you choose to receive treatment outside a medical spa or other professional medical practice, please make extra sure that the product you get is legitimately sourced and use caution if the same filler is being injected from cheeks to the chin, to lips.

As the first dermal filler injectors in the state of Colorado, we’re so proud to offer you our highly trained and certified injectors over the last 30 years.

If you’ve been thinking about filler, we’d love to meet you.

Make us part of the conversation. There is no pressure to treat. We want you to be confident in your decision. We’d just love the opportunity to give you the right information and best plan moving forward to reach your goals.

Book a consultation.