The Comfort Zone feat ProNox

Scared of needles but really want to try Botox or Dermal Filler? 

Worried a laser treatment will hurt, but really want to erase sun damage? 

We know the thought of injections and lasers don’t always make people relax. It’s why we offer different solutions to ensure you’ll stay as comfortable as possible throughout treatment. 

Today in the Beauty Room, we’re sharing our favorite way to calm your nerves and take the edge off any of those treatments that may pack an extra punch – after all, we are in the business of results-driven aesthetics. 

Remember the old saying “beauty is pain”? Please believe us when we say it doesn’t have to be. We get why the saying exists, though. So many of us set out to do something either mildly painful or uncomfortable in the name of beauty. Thankfully, the aesthetics industry has evolved with the technologies and advancements that not only make beauty easier to achieve but also more tolerable. 

Because your safety and comfort are our top priorities, we want to tell you about one of the most effective ways to ease procedure pain and anxiety that we have right here in office that can be added to pretty well any treatment.  

Its name: Pro-Nox. 

ProNox Pre Treatment

A popular alternate term for it that you may have heard before is laughing gas. 

Our patients are loving Pro-Nox. 

Why? Because you manage your own pain! Doesn’t this make sense? We all tolerate pain differently, so it makes sense to put its management in the hands of the person experiencing it…YOU. Made of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide, this duo is administered when you inhale through its handheld tube. It offers immediate relief and is cleared from the body quickly requiring no downtime. 

We’re proud to offer Pro-Nox in our clinics. As the latest and greatest pain/anxiety management tool used in non-surgical aesthetics, it is really making a difference in the patient experience, and it allows patients to enjoy their treatments even more than ever before. 

  • Self-administered 
  • No need for opioids or numbing cream  
  • Quick effect and recovery so the patient can drive themselves home   
  • It’s an analgesia not anesthesia! 

Cost: $50/treatment 

Ask our providers about adding Pro-Nox to your treatment.  A great option for those who need to take that edge off and better relax during treatment. 

Visit our page on pain/anxiety management tools to learn more about the tools and technologies we offer during treatment!