Since the start of the COVID pandemic, the way we work and socialize has officially changed thanks to technology. While we’d still argue that there are huge benefits of face-to-face communication, we can’t deny the power of video calls to connect us to our colleagues, family and friends. Zoom, Google Hangouts, House Party, FaceTime and every other virtual meeting software have become the new normal to “meet in person”.

We’re sharing our tips and tricks on how to look your best on video calls, so you never have to fear Zoom or FaceTime again. We know you’re reading this from your phone, tablet, computer, or anything that has a screen. Go grab your blue light glasses (or not) and let’s get to it…

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Is it just us, or are you making and taking calls at all hours of the day, too? Whether we’re all dolled up or in our pajamas, we always want to join that video call looking our best. So why the extra attention on appearance from a simple video call? Here’s what’s different on video calls vs. in-person meetings. You’re not just looking at the person (or people) you’re talking to, focusing on what they are saying, and engaging in compelling discussion…you’re also looking at yourself, a distraction to the conversation, to say the least. You can’t escape yourself in that little box on the screen…it’s forced on you.

So – what are you noticing? Can you relate?

Why is it that the camera on my device picks up on the areas of my skin that need the most help?

Why does my neck look kinked, and is that a double chin I see?

Do my eyes really have those bags under them?

It’s safe to say that technology has an official foot in the beauty industry. We should be clear and share that what your camera shows isn’t always a perfect representation of what you look like IRL. Based on placement, lighting, etc, there are many things that can be discovered on camera and just simply not the case in person. However, for many, looking your best translates into performing your best, and staring at yourself all day does make us wonder if we should address some of our concerns with help beyond just simply changing camera placement. So, here’s a curated list of recommendations that will help you put your best Zoom face forward – some require a visit to your favorite skin care professional (yay!)

Let’s start with the eyes

this area is getting a lot of attention lately. Many patients come to us to help with under eye sagging, dark circles and puffiness. They’ve started to notice that this area is aging faster than usual – why, you wonder? Let’s shed some light on it…literally. The HEV Blue Lights that our devices emit break down our skin’s protective barrier, our eyes are concentrating on a screen, and our natural aging process doesn’t help the problem. Layer on the COVID pandemic and the stress it has brought to us all. We do recommend a good pair of blue light lenses to protect your eyes during screen time, along with these other helpful options:

Quality skin care products help protect the delicate skin around the eyes and helps preserve the results of any treatment (as applicable). Quality makeup products can also be used to cover up dark circles in this area. Need recommendations? Consult with our aestheticians or makeup artists today.

The Gua Sha massage technique helps with de-puffing and lymphatic drainage.

Fill hollows under the eyes or say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. These cosmetic injectables can treat the following areas around the eyes:

  • Crow’s Feet
  • Tear Troughs
  • Bunny Lines
  • Dark Circles
  • Sunken Eyes
  • Temple Hollows

Instantly rejuvenate the appearance of your skin with this non-surgical treatment that uses MINT facial threads to tighten and lift the skin around your eyes.

  • Wake up those tired eyes
  • Achieve the “cat-eye” or “fox-eye” look
  • Safe, non-surgical option with no downtime and instantly lifted and refreshed appearance
Now, let’s talk about wrinkles…
client getting cheek filler

Tell us we’re not alone when we say these video calls make us wish we had used more sunscreen when we were younger. If 2021 is the year you want to say adios to fine lines and wrinkles, then seek one of these options to help you love your look:

Vitamin C, retinoids, hyaluronic acid, collagen-boosting peptides, growth factors, etc. Consult with our aestheticians for the best products for your skin.

The following skin care treatments can help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles:

  • Microneedling treatments like SkinPen or Vivace help to tighten the skin, boost collagen growth, and smooth the skin’s texture.
  • Halo Fractional Laser treatment helps to tighten skin, reverse sun damage and give your skin the gift of glow.
  • HydraFacial is an excellent option to hydrate the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Age-Defying or Gua Sha spa facials help maintain your results and destress.

These wrinkle reducers and dermal fillers revitalize the appearance of your skin and are the most effective tools to combat fine lines and wrinkles – they can be used in the forehead, cheeks, lips, area around the eyes, ear lobes, chest lines, frown lines, laugh lines, temples, jaw and many more. Our aesthetic injectors are ranked among the top 1% in the nation. Schedule a consultation to be seen with one of our incredible expert injectors. They’ll provide a thorough consultation and answer any and all of your questions.

Let’s also talk about the double chin dilemma.
Coolsculpting treatment

Starting to notice a double chin on video calls? Due to a combination of changed diets, less active lifestyles, and increased screen time you may start to notice some changes in your appearance. It’s also possible that you have just stared at yourself for too long and now have Zoom fatigue (try and take a small break). Know when it’s healthy to seek help and remember do it only if it will make you happy. Some treatment options to say goodbye to the double chin are:

Injected into fat beneath the chin, Kybella destroys the cell membranes of fat cells. Gradually these fat cells dissolve and are processed out of your body as waste through the natural excretion system.

A non-surgical treatment that uses Cryolipolisis (fat freezing technology) that makes CoolSculpting what it is – a targeted treatment that freezes stubborn fat cells to the point of their cell death. It is FDA cleared to treat the submental (area under chin) to permanently get rid of fat cells in the area. CoolSculpting helps to debulk the area under the chin which reveals greater jawline definition and a beautiful profile.

Lastly – let us leave you with this short list of things to always consider when you’re on a video call. Things you can do from home starting at your next call today:

Find your just right lighting. Position yourself in front of a window for best natural light or use artificial lighting for when natural light isn’t an option. Ring lights, Lume Cubes, or Clip-on LED lights for your mobile phone are all great options. Whether you’re in your home office or you’re on the go, there are lighting options for just about any setting.

This isn’t the passport office. Remember that you always look better on camera with a smile. So, get rid of your RBF (resting ‘B’ face), and lighten up.

Sit tall. Align your ears over your shoulders, lift your chest and drop your shoulder blades down your back. Good posture makes you feel more awake and actually portrays a slimmer appearance.

What are your locks doing? Are they frizzy and unruly, or are they a non-factor? If your hair tends to be flyaway, don’t fight with it during a video call, rub some oil between your hands and try to tame your mane before jumping on the call. You’ll focus more on the conversation, and less on your hair, we promise.

Slap a little of your favorite face oil or serum on to avoid your skin from looking dry on a call. Concealing the under-eye area, as well as contouring and highlighting the cheeks, nose and forehead also can help you look your best with a natural approach.

Wear a color that complements your skin tone and hair color. If your background is bright, choose something neutral. But if your background is neutral, go ahead and opt for bright colors or jewel tones. Your bright attire will be sure to brighten your day.

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