How do you prepare for Botox treatment?

Sure you can just show up, but if you’re like us, we like to be prepared for our treatments and get the most out of them! The truth is, there’s a few things we want you to know before you Botox

Most people assume all they need to do is arrive on time to their appointment and follow the aftercare advice. 

While those two things are definitely important, the pre-care is actually just as important as the after-care. If you have booked your cosmetic procedure and want to know what to avoid before Botox to give you the best treatment experience and results, follow our guidance below…

Blood thinners

When we say avoid blood thinners, we are only referring to blood thinners that have not been prescribed by another physician or GP. The ones we are referring to are things like over the counter multivitamins, fish oils, vitamin E and D (oral and in facial products) and baby aspirin. This thins the blood and can result in bruising. 

To minimize the chances of bruising and swelling, avoid blood thinners 5-7 days prior to your appointment. 

However, if you have been prescribed blood thinners by your doctor or other health care professional, discontinuation is not necessary. You are always welcome to talk to your provider before your appointment to get their advice on whether it is safe to stop your medication.


Alcohol is another version of blood thinners. Trying to avoid alcohol for 5-7 days prior to treatment will greatly help reduce the risk of bruising. If for any reason you do drink alcohol within the recommended avoidance time period, know that you will not disqualify you from receiving treatment, if just may mean there may be an increased risk of bruising. 

Drink plenty of water

In the days leading up to your appointment (and in general) it is a good idea to drink plenty of water, especially living in our altitude. Water is great for hydrating the body and the skin, as well as flushing out any toxins. Maintaining a good hydration level can lead to better results from the procedure.

Skin irritations

Avoid anything that may irritate the skin prior to receiving Botox. This can be a facial exfoliator, a facial wax, chemical peels, or even a sunburn. We want to inject into skin that isn’t already hurt or in the process of healing. 

Avoid anything that is going to irritate the skin and leave it feeling tender, and possibly sore. If you do happen to have any irritation, rashing, or sunburn on or around the area you’d like treated; please contact us beforehand to let us know.

 An assessment is generally needed, but we reserve the right to deny treatment if we feel your Botox treatment will cause discomfort to you given the state of your skin.

Remember: a great way to avoid sunburn and tender skin is to always apply daily SPF – even in the winter!

Bacterial or fungal infections

It is extremely important that you do not have any bacterial or fungal infections around or on the injection site. A small cut or abrasion is also not advised. If you have any of these, it is essential that you inform your aesthetic injector, as the infection can spread after the procedure. 

This is also highly relevant to cold sores if you are having Botox injected into the lips. If you are prone to cold sores, contact our clinic for advice on an antiviral medication that may be needed pre-treatment.

Medication changes

Please inform your aesthetic injector if you have any medication changes or are on regular medication. This will ensure that none of the medications will conflict with the procedure and that your safety always remains our top priority.

How Facial Aesthetics can help

If you have questions about anything prior to treatment, never hesitate to contact our offices.  you have that we have not answered in this article. If so, please contact us and we will happily assist you! If you also want to know post-treatment advice, then take a look at our after-care information article.