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So, is it possible? A lip enhancement with lip filler that is truly subtle and natural looking?

The short answer: absolutely.

But, we’ll give you the long answer anyway.

We’re firm believers in the talent of our aesthetic injectors to provide you with whatever “look” it is that you want to achieve. The one most popularly requested, especially when new to lip filler is a subtle, natural look. While we always strive to provide a result that compliments the rest of your facial features (it’s literally our job!), it is also important to note that we’re big on listening. We listen to your goals to help you make the best decision aesthetically. Some of our patients want subtle, and some of our patients want a prominent, bolder look – both can be perceived as natural. While there are always limits to how far we will treat our patients as we know our work is our reputation – natural-looking lip treatments are our absolute specialty.

Using the highest quality and most advanced range of dermal fillers is how we achieve this result. After a proper assessment, our lip injectors will select the right product to ensure natural-looking results whether for reshaping the lips, adding volume, or correcting asymmetries. Our dermal fillers for the lips, all made of hyaluronic acid, offer great elasticity, so they’ll move with your facial expressions for a natural, soft look.

Some of our most popular lip fillers are:

As mentioned above, both lip fillers are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance in the body. HA fillers retain moisture in the skin to volumize and shape the lips to plump and/or define them as needed. Both fillers also have a small amount of lidocaine to help make the injection more comfortable.

At Facial Aesthetics – we’re big believers in building your lips. Sometimes the result you want to achieve isn’t possible with just 1 syringe of filler. Like all great things, building beautiful lips can take time, and should when done properly. This helps us to avoid things you may read about like lip migration, overfilled lips, and reduce some side effects like swelling and bruising. When you take it slow, you can always build later. It also lends some time to gradually get used to your new look.

Because lip fillers are not permanent and naturally dissolve over time, most of our patients do come in for a touch up every six months to a year to maintain their beautiful result or build off their last treatment. It comes down to achieving the look you want and doing it within your budget.

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If you’re in Denver, Greenwood Village or any of the surrounding areas, do your homework and choose a lip injector that you can trust. Making the decision to get lip filler is an exciting one; and feeling 100% confident in your injector is crucial when deciding who do work with.

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