So long, crow’s feet.

Crow’s Feet

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You may notice the first sign of aging on your face by the fine lines that start to form around and under your eyes. These lines are known as crow’s feet. The area under and around your eyes is a thinner, more delicate area of the face due to the lack of fat and muscle in this area. While crow’s feet are a great sign of many years of laughter, they can become a sure sign of aging skin for some.

Because of their location on the face, and the fact they are often exercised in many facial expressions made, these areas begin to wrinkle and crease at a faster pace when compared to other areas of the face. 

Facial Aesthetics provides treatment options with the utmost care to the sensitive nature of these areas, working to improve the appearance and texture of your skin. Schedule your complimentary consultations with one of our expert nurse injectors today.



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