We love sprinkles. Any kind, really.
But our favorite… BOTOX® Sprinkles.

We’ve been doing it for a LONG time, but this concept of Botox® sprinkles has recently been given increased popularity thanks to House of Cards actress, Robin Wright. In the latest Fall-Winter issue of New Beauty, she aired her secrets to keeping a youthful appearance at 51-years of age. But her secrets weren’t secrets at all. Wright proudly shared the things she does to maintain her gorgeous appearance. She professed her committment to Botox®. She takes the edge off of aging by getting a little here and a little there, a “sprinkling” as it’s called.


How do Botox® sprinkles work?

They are small amounts of Botox® sprinkled (injected) into certain areas of the face to help combat wrinkles while keeping enough movement in the face to provide a very natural result. For patients that crave natural and subtle versus the more substantial result caused by higher doses of Botox® – you should consider Botox® sprinkles.

Thinking about starting Botox®?

A sprinkle might be the perfect option. It’s a great way to be introduced to the anti-aging treatment that everyone is raving about.

Are Botox® sprinkles right for me?

One of our experienced aesthetic nurse injectors will thoroughly assess you during a complimentary consultation to understand the look you’re wanting to acheive. Post-treatment you’ll discuss preserving your refreshed look with proper skin care treatments or an at home skin care regimen.

Starting earlier will help in the long run. Botox® sprinkles are a great start and if maintained can go a long way!


Awarded as an Allergan (maker of Botox®) Top 50 Provider, out of over 35,000 accounts nationwide, Facial Aesthetics is proud to offer 5 dedicated nurse injectors who are acknowledged for their experience in this field.

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