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Trending this year more than ever in the beauty world is the shift in focus to use products that really matter – to work smarter, not harder for healthy skin. This shift causes us to take a step back and relook our skin care and makeup routines in favor of a more minimalist approach.

It’s called skinimalism. And it’s actually not new. Not to the teaching and beliefs of our Denver med spa experts. To us, minimalist skin care isn’t necessarily a trend – it’s more part of a lifestyle, and it’s what happens with you seek out the RIGHT help for your skin. Never were the days when we thought a 15-step skin care routine was the right answer…for anyone. It’s exhausting, expensive, and it more often than not will overwhelm your skin, and backfire on your plan to get healthy skin.

Let’s learn a little bit more about this approach to skin care and why we’re excited for the attention it’s getting, and for natural beauty and skincare lovers to rediscover it.


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What does skinimalism mean?

Less is more. Smarter not harder. Quality over quantity. The list goes on.

It’s pairing down your routine to only using the products and/or ingredients that REALLY MATTER. It’s maybe even using LESS of a product (like makeup products) to allow your skin to breath and to reveal its natural glow. It’s finding the happy place for your skin. Not using nothing, but not using everything.

When you begin to spring clean your routine to adopt a more skinimalist approach, do your homework:

  • discover the power of multitasking products
  • commit to a more sustainable beauty routine
  • learn about ingredients – what is going to work hardest for your skin


All these things can be accomplished after ONE visit with our expert certified aestheticians who work among a culture where ingredients matter and care more about your skin vs a product sale.

So why are people opting for the skinimalist approach?

There are so many skin care brands on social media, in magazines, and at stores that claim to be miracle workers for our skin. And trying them all out, especially around the same time, can cause our skin to freak out. Overdoing it with products at home is a very common problem we learn among our patients in the clinic. Their using too many products. Their skin is getting irritated in the forms of redness, breakouts, and rashes. It needs a rest. It needs a reset. Sometimes it’s about application, like layering incorrectly, or sometimes it’s combining too many active ingredients, which overstimulates and confuses the skin. At some point our skin gives up. It’s frustrating when we just aren’t seeing the results we hoped for.

What can our Denver experts do for you?

We offer complimentary skin care consultations. You’ll meet the expertise of our certified aestheticians who have years of experience in customizing treatment plans and recommending products to their patients. After a thorough skin analysis, which uses Visia technology, we find out what’s going on with your skin below the surface. We properly prepare an at-home regimen that includes the ingredients you need to get or maintain healthy skin. We introduce you to tried and true products – and we make recommendations based on YOUR skin. 

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Benefits of being a skinimalist:
  • SAVES ON TIME: a simplified routine means spending less time applying your products morning and night.
  • AFFORDABLE: it’s important to invest properly in your skin. Knowing what works for you instead of buying and trying countless products that just won’t deliver when it comes to results will save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • SKIN HEALTH: you’re educated on ingredients that you know are good for your skin. You’ll let your skin breathe as needed and apply products for the correct amount of time to start seeing them work – healthy skin requires commitment.
  • EARTH-CONSIOUS CONSUMPTION: fewer products mean less waste and more sustainable consumption.

If you think you’d like some help adopting a more skinimalist approach to your skin care routine, schedule a consultation with any of our certified medical aestheticians!

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