Sometimes adopting new habits can feel overwhelming. Whether you’ve embraced goal or intention setting at the beginning of the year, or are not sure where to start, we’re here to tell you it’s never too late. We’re about a new year, better you. We like to live life with the intention to be better than we were yesterday. 

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Striving to better yourself can actually be quite fun if you’re open to it. We’re not talking big things…let’s start small. Baby steps! We curated a list of small actions for you to take everyday to better your health and increase your happiness. If you’re looking to make just a few small changes in 2021, consider these options below.

Eat More Superfoods
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If you found out there was a magical pill that you could take every day and it would make your life better, you would take it right? Well, it turns out there is. And surprise it’s nutrient rich superfoods! Was that a bit of a let down? Our bad. While there isn’t just one food you can eat that will nourish all your health needs, there is a set group of foods that are proven to reduce blood pressure, fight cancer, prevent diabetes, and so much more. That group of foods are known as superfoods. If you’re not into dieting, adding more superfoods could be an easy way to achieve your health goals this year.

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This might not be the sexiest resolution, but trust us when you tell you it can lead to some sexy results. What’s sexier than good oral hygiene after all? If that’s not enough reason for you, then consider your overall health. One study concluded that flossing every night can increase your life expectancy. Who knew something so simple could make you live longer?

Wear Sunscreen
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We’re big on sunscreen here in the Beauty Room. Like really, really big fans of sunscreen. And that’s not just because we like covering our skin with soft, soothing lotion. Wearing sunscreen every day has been proven to help prevent signs of aging and of course fight melanoma. You owe it to yourself to wear it every day this year. If you have to pick just one new year’s resolution, start here.

Make Your Bed Every Morning
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We have some tough news to share. Turns out, you’re not Cinderella. Birds won’t make your bed in the morning. We know. It’s a hard truth to swallow. Once you get over it though, you can have the power to make every morning magical. That starts with making your bed every day. Did you know that people who make their bed every day are more likely to have a positive outlook, reduced anxiety, and stay more active? Those reasons are enough to get us to make our beds in the morning.

Start a Routine
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2021 is all about routine and intentional goal setting. Making your bed in the morning is just the start. Having a solid morning and night time routine can lead to being healthier, wealthier, and more attractive. How about starting with a skin care routine? It’s the perfect way to start your day. It doesn’t have to be a 10-step routine. Start with a cleanser and moisturizer.  

Drink More Water
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Maybe she’s born with it or maybe she just drinks a lot of water. Turns out dehydration can lead to a lot of problems. As the human body is made up of 60% water, it stands to reason that drinking water regularly would benefit you. If this sounds intimidating, just start small by keeping a bottle near your desk every day.

Try Something New
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Learn. Grow. Explore. Get out there and try something new. Research indicates that learning something new or exploring things you haven’t been exposed to, increases your brain function. The more you learn, the more your memory is likely to improve as well. Got something on your long term to-do list? 2021 is the time to check it off.

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