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Winter is notoriously harsh on your skin. Between dry air, cold temperatures, and of course the occasional blizzards, transitioning from winter to spring can literally make you want to shed your winter coat.

So peak your head out from your cocoon of blankets and Netflix, it’s time to let your skin shine. Here is our five step guide in how to do it.

Step One: Embrace the Transition

As with any change of the season, your skin will be changing with it. This could mean everything from breakouts to freakouts. 

Freakouts aren’t as scary as they sound. When your skin health fluctuates, it may cause redness, random bumps and generally noticeable changes that you may not have experienced during the winter. Our checklist below highlights how our Certified Aestheticians approach your transitioning skin.

Address your skin care needs

Let's start by asking the big question, what change(s) do you want to see to your skin? Hover to see where we start!

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Switch up your skin care routine

Check out your product shelf, are there products you're not sure if you should use when the temps start to rise? Hover to see how we switch things up.

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Cllick below to see our range of skin care products. Not sure where to start? Schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our Certified Aestheticians!
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Dry skin?

Winter left your skin feeling dull and lackluster? Check out this treatment that we love to restore a healthy glow. Hover to find out.


The HydraFacial is for everyone. Skin care newbie or a seasoned vet, dry or oily skin type, light or dark skin tone… this treatment is for you. The HydraFacial is a skin care treatment that consists of the following steps: Cleansing and Exfoliation, Acid Treatment, Extraction, Hydration.
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Fresh faced

A great way to tackle the transitional changes is by starting with a blank canvas. Hover to find out how.

Peels, Derms, Microneedling, oh my!

Start your skin care journey this season with a fresh face. Learn more about our skin care treatments below!
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Step Two: Shed That Winter Coat

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Just because you’re not a bear, doesn’t mean you don’t have a winter coat. Exfoliating is key after the winter months to shed that excess layer of skin. Consult with us to learn how. From exfoliating products, to light chemical peels and dermaplaning, we offer many solutions for effective exfoliation.

Step Three: SPF Is Your Forever BFF

While you should wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher all year round, chances are you will be applying it more liberally with warmer weather. Always make sure to carry your sunscreen with you. Check out our best sellers below:

Step Four: Take Care Of Your Body

Our bodies do so much for us. Above, we talk about the many ways to get your skin fit, but let’s not forget that our skin extends well beyond just our faces. We have many ways to get your body fit, too.

Routine maintenance of the skin on our bodies is often overlooked and we have many body treatments for when you’re ready to address those concerns. Check out our body treatment lineup below:  

Step Five: Don’t Sweat It

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With warmer weather, chances are that you will be outside more. The biggest reminder we can give you is to not stress over your changing skin. It’s normal for everyone to experience transitional changes, and that’s when we come in! We can help you get on track to more glowy skin just in time for the warm weather. Schedule a consultation to create a treatment plan with one of our providers today!

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