Teach me about Smooth Threads.

Mint mono package

Smooth threads? We thought you’d never ask!

Smooth threads have been a hot topic in our clinics lately, so we thought we’d shed a little light on the subject so that any fear or angst you’re feeling about them can slowly start to go away. One of the things we truly love about our job is to educate our patients. You deserve the facts.

So, let’s start from the top…

At our Denver and Greenwood Village clinics, we offer the MINT PDO THREAD treatment. First, you need to know there are two kinds of threads:

  • Lifting or barbed threads (We promise it sounds scarier than it is. These threads are used to lift the skin and combat facial sagging.)
  • Smooth threads (Exactly what they sound like. These threads smooth and strengthen the skin.)

We’re dedicating this blog post to smooth threads.

We’ll cover our beloved Lifting Threads in a post very soon. Stay tuned!

So what are MINT PDO smooth threads?

MINT stands for Minimally Invasive Non-surgical Thread – a safe and effective dissolvable suture made from PDO.

And what’s PDO?

PDO stands for polydioxanone – a complex sugar, with a track record in safety. It’s been used for over a decade as a raw material in orthopedic and cardiovascular surgery for wound closure. It is an absorbable thread that is thinner than a strand of hair and made of protein.

They are carefully and strategically injected below the skin to act like a microinjury in the skin so that the body can respond by adding structural proteins (i.e., collagen, elastin, fibrin), which results in smoother, plumper, more youthful looking skin.

So, why do I want this?

To give your skin a boost. This treatment is a skin strengthener. If you’re tired of looking tired or want to smooth your skin’s texture, MINT PDO Smooth Threads might be the perfect solution for you. Often used in areas of tired skin or skin with a crepey texture, around the eye area, the upper lip, the hollows of the cheeks, under the chin or around the mouth, smooth PDO threads can be placed under the skin where you are looking for tightening or smoothing.

We love their versatility. Smooth threads can add a boost to many places on the face and body. It’s a quick, pain-free treatment with little to no downtime.

We also must mention…smooth threads, in combination with barbed threads (which do the lifting as we said above), are a very effective means to facial rejuvenation vs. surgical facelift which is an expensive procedure that requires extensive downtime. An assessment from our expert injectors can help you determine if MINT PDO Thread Lift will help you achieve your desired result.

Are smooth threads the same as Botox?

The short answer is NO. Botox is Botox. It halts muscle contractions, so the muscle is not able to make its movement. It’s known as a “freezer” but that doesn’t mean you ever have to look frozen. Our injectors offer subtle, natural results and work with you to achieve your goals. Some people still want natural movement. Some want no movement at all.

Smooth threads are a skin booster. They tighten and smooth the skin helping to minimize fine lines and wrinkles and build collagen and other structural proteins in the skin.

Combination therapy with Botox and smooth threads is very popular. They both can be injected every 3-4 months, but they are injected into different layers of tissue. Botox is injected into the muscle to halt movement minimizing lines/wrinkle formation, whereas smooth threads are injected in the sub dermis layer to smooth fine lines and plump the skin. They work together extremely well to treat frown lines (“11’s”), crow’s feet, the lines around the mouth, and many other areas of the face and body.

Tell me more…what is a smooth threads treatment like? Do smooth threads hurt?

Such great questions. You’ll always start with a consultation.

Our injectors will assess your areas of concern to determine how many threads are needed to achieve your desired result. The treatment then consists of cleaning the treatment area and inserting one-inch absorbable surgical MINT PDO threads with a very fine needle into the treatment areas. It is a quick procedure as inserting smooth threads takes on average about 6-8 seconds per thread. It feels like a little pinch when the smooth threads are inserted and placed in the treatment area, but there should be no other sensations once treatment is completed. There is risk of occasional bruising, but that can often be avoided by following our pre-treatment instructions. Results are not immediate as it takes time for the suture to dissolve and your bodies healing mechanism to work. You usually start to see results after 4 weeks, with optimal results after a full treatment cycle at around 3 – 4 months.

I’m interested! What do I do next?

Whether you’re a new or existing patient with us, let’s start with a conversation. Use the BOOK ONLINE button below to take the first exciting step in learning more about the MINT PDO THREAD treatment from our experts.

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