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Kybella is one of the best-known treatment options used to say goodbye to the pesky double chin. A double chin has a significant effect on the overall appearance of your face. Both from the front and in profile, your facial contour may look less chiselled than you’d like if you have fullness beneath your chin. KYBELLA® is one of the most popular injectable fat reduction procedures to eliminate the double chin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

KYBELLA is a synthetic acid that mimics a type of naturally occurring acid in your body. It’s called deoxycholic acid, and it breaks down and destroys excess fat cells in the area under your chin. This fat is referred to as “submental fullness” or a double chin.

Kybella is made of a synthetic acid that mimics a naturally occuring acid in our bodies, deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is contained in bile. This acid destroys the cell membranes of the dietary fat we eat, which makes the fat soluble (can be dissolved). Cool, but how does it affect the chin fat? We’ll tell you…

When KYBELLA’s synthetic form of deoxycholic acid is injected into fat beneath the chin, it destroys the cell membrane just like the natural version does in the digestive tract. The destroyed fat cells are gradually processed out of the body as waste.

Your first appointment will be a one-on-one consultation with one of our expert aesthetic nurse injectors. They will provide a complete assessment to ensure Kybella is the right treatment option for you.

Proceeding with treatment, a series of injections are made in strategic locations under the chin. There are typically between 20-30 injections (some men may require more). While numbing is not necessary, it is an option should you choose to minimize the feeling of the injections, which are explained to feel like mild pinches. Most patients may also experience a slight warming sensation in the moments the drug is dispersed and begins working.

It is very common that KYBELLA patients require between two to six injection sessions, spaced six weeks apart. It is rare that one treatment session is sufficient to achieve your desired results.

Because of the sensitive nature of the injection site, your chin area may feel sore for a couple hours after your appointment, but any discomfort will dissipate quickly. Swelling is also to be expected. Swelling is most pronounced 24 hours post treatment, and will begin to subside over the next 5-7 days. The more fat there is, the more swelling there will be as Kybella digests the fat.

The KYBELLA treatment is a process. It does not work instantaneously. Your body eliminates the destroyed fat cells over time. But after your last injection session is complete, your final results will take shape in the coming weeks.

When the fat cells are treated with Kybella, they are destroyed and eliminated for good. Your body will not grow new fat cells, but it is possible for the remaining fat cells under your chin to enlarge with weight gain. Studies show, however; the majority of patients are still happy with their results years later.

Like all injectables and other cosmetic treatments, KYBELLA does come with a slight risk of certain side effects. Possibilities including swelling, bruising, numbness, redness and hardening of the treatment area. Our aesthetic nurse injectors will discuss these side effects with you and make sure you are fully informed. Most of these things – if they do occur – resolve themselves in a couple days.

Read thorough “pre” and “post” instructions made just for you by our double chin destroyers.

Treatment Instructions

If you’re getting ready to have treatment, or if you’ve just had it, read our pre and post treatment instructions so you can take proper care of yourself every step of the way.

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