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I’m Emma, a twenty something year old that thought dermal filler was a possible, but very distant purchase for me. My interest in the aesthetic space really took off when I caught a how-to video on YouTube about overlining your lips. “Why would you do that?” I asked myself. So intrigued, I clicked on the thumbnail and watched the makeup artist create this look that accentuated the lips in the most perfect way. They were symmetrical, plump and perfectly shaped just because she was wearing makeup! When it was over, I had to try it. The idea of being able to create the lips of my dreams sounded amazing, but I realized I wasn’t as skilled with a lip pencil like the artist was, so I looked into more permanent options.

That’s when I learned about Dermal Filler. I learned it could do so much more than change the shape of my lips. I learned that its uses went beyond anything I thought it could accomplish. I needed to try it. This was my first experience with dermal filler.

Vitamin Injections

I was a little nervous about getting dermal filler, mainly because I was worried what others would think. Questions like: “What is the process even like?” “Does this change who I am?” and “Am I too young?” were flying around my head. Thankfully during my research and my consultation (I’ll get to that later), I found the confidence to pursue dermal filler!

What are dermal fillers?

One of the first things I read was, “Dermal Fillers are administered via injection with a thin needle. The area of injection depends on the type of filler. Some are administered deeper beneath the layers of tissue, while others are placed closer to the surface.”

“The area of injection..” made me think, where else can dermal filler be used? Here’s what I found:

I knew I definitely underestimated dermal filler. I knew I could get it in my lips (that’s why I did the research in the first place), but even more than asymmetrical lips, I yearned to feel more confident with a symmetrical face. So, I switched gears and pursued a bigger concern of mine. 

What is the experience like?

I knew the stories I read online were personal, and my experience might be different, but when I consulted with my injector, she assured me that what I was asking for was something we could accomplish. I appreciated the honestly and the confidence.

I wanted to make my jawline more angled, and during the complimentary consultation my injector was able to create a treatment plan to achieve the proper shape and choose the right dermal filler product to create the look I wanted. Since I wanted a sharper jaw, she suggested that we also fill my chin to elongate my face, this would also create the appearance of a more mature look. I didn’t realize a mature look would enhance my features, but I knew that if we did it, I would feel more “like myself”. In the end, we wanted to create symmetry which would give me a look that suited my age.

My injector chose Voluma to fill my jawline and chin and explained to me that Voluma is a hyaluronic acid filler that is often used in the cheek area and jawline, and that it is a great solution to create the volume that I wanted in that area.

The treatment itself was very easy, and honestly not very painful. My injector was very detailed and careful with the syringe. Once the treatment was over, we were able to see the transformation about to set. I was pleased with the initial look in the mirror, and I couldn’t wait to see the results once settled. She was able to create the angles I wanted, and my confidence was through the roof! Once all celebratory “oohs” and “ahs” were done, we went over what to expect post-treatment and after care. I felt so taken care of by my injector!

jawline filler Before and After
My biggest questions was: how long do dermal fillers last?

Let’s be real, I want to keep my results FOREVER. But the reality is that I knew this treatment is not permanent. My injector told me that dermal filler typically lasts 9-12 months depending on how my body metabolizes it. The great thing about filler is that when you build on top of your treatment, the results get better over time. I am 7 months post treatment, and these are my results. Often times we think dermal fillers are only used in older women, but even as a young professional, it’s something I choose for myself to make me happy. It makes me feel that much better about myself, which does actually affect my mood from time to time.

Key takeaways:

Dermal filler can do more than meets the eye, and your experience with it is between you and your injector…no one else. Having an experienced provider that knew exactly what I wanted, and how to achieve it for my face, was a huge confidence booster (without even the results of the treatment yet!), and I highly suggest seeing the injectors at Facial Aesthetics.

The team there is so skilled, and it was a great experience to see a group of women do what they do best. You could see their combined years of education, their dynamic with each other and thirst to perfect their craft in the work that they were doing. These guys are the real deal. It’s a rarity to find this kind of expertise in Denver and I’m glad I found it at Facial Aesthetics.


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