IRL: My experience with jawline filler


Hey Beauty Room Readers! I’m Emma, a twenty something year old that thought dermal filler was a possible, but very distant purchase for me. My interest in the aesthetic space really took off when I caught a how-to video on YouTube about overlining your lips. “Why would you do that?” I asked myself. So intrigued, […]


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Yay, you’re here! You want to learn more about dermal filler, and when we say that you’re in the right place, we couldn’t be more serious. Facial Aesthetics is the home to the most experienced dermal filler injectors in Colorado. Go ahead and do the research, you’ll find the same answer everywhere. This is because […]

The 7 Most Common Filler Fears

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Do you have filler fear? If you’re answer is yes. You’re not alone. We’ve heard some of the stories that circulate in the media, and we’d be scared too if we weren’t experts in filler. So, we’re going to address this head on and try to calm your fears. If you live in Denver or […]