Get Friendly With Reef Friendly

reef friendly

We know the importance of wearing sunscreen and maintaining a healthy skincare routine during the summer season. If your vacation plan involves spending time by the ocean, you will want to invest in a reef friendly sunscreen product. Our two Elta MD sunscreen products, UV Elements and UV Pure, protect your skin as well as […]

The Skinny on Exfoliation

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Exfoliation… it really is just a fancy word for removing dead skin cells. Whether you do it daily via masks or scrubs, or seek frequent medical spa treatments like facials, microdermabrasion or chemical peels, exfoliation is a critical step in any healthy skin care routine. Get glowing skin. Exfoliation is one of the easiest ways […]

Are Skin Serums worth it?

skin serum

Some people love them, some are intimidated by them, and many have never heard of them. We’ve seen and heard it all about anti-aging serums, and we live in the “love them” category. With their recent increase in popularity, there’s nothing trendy or ‘fad-like’ about them. They work. They matter to our skin. And that […]

Anti-aging Moisturizers

Skin Care Product

The two easiest and most important steps in a skin care routine: cleansing and moisturizing. Of course there are many things you can use in between, but if you’re a skin care minimalist you do NOT want to skip these two steps. Anti-aging moisturizers are rising in popularity because they work two-fold: not only do […]